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The Quotable Jewish Woman

Partnow locks in on Jewish women and their thoughts on everything from religion, sex, anatomy, shopping, and death. The statements are from Jewish women from all walks of life and are funny, revealing, and fascinating reading. Men should read this book to have a better understanding of the Jewish Woman. – Gary Roen, The Midwest Book Review, October 2007

A wonderful collection of quotes...More than 300 women...speak in these pages, and their voices reflect the wit, reflections, and many ideas that Jewish women are justly known for. – Abigail Schade Gary, New Jersey Jewish Standard, May 11, 2007

One could say Partnow has performed a mitzvah by calling attention to a few hundred of the Jewish women who’ve contributed so much to our culture. – Liz Harris, The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, March 17, 2006

This book is like a smorgasbord at a celebration...one can become sated or kep going back for more... – Jewish Book World, Spring 2005

A grand compendium...a superb resource...  – Wisconsin Bookwatch, April 2005

The one-paragraph biographies of each woman are perhaps the most fascinating part of the book . . . The collection=s strength lies in diversity . . . something to inspire every reader.  -- Publishers Weekly, June 14, 2004

This is not a book to read from cover to cover, but to put on the shelf together with your dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, concordance and other reference works.  It is an indispensable source for speakers, writers, teachers, and anyone who loves to mull over profound ideas....A valuable resource that belongs on every Jewish bookshelf. – Dov Peretz Elkins, Jewish Media Review, March 31, 2005

The range of material covered is impressive and opposing views are sometimes included in the same section so readers can see the spectrum of opinions offered by different women.... I began to find the book addicting. ...The hardest part of reading Partnow’s book was not sharing all my favorites with anyone in hearing distance. – Rabbi Rachel Esserman, The Reporter: Jewish Federation of Broome County (NY), January 14, 2005

A useful source for speakers, writers, darshanim, and anyone seeking a bit of feminine inspiration.  It is a good addition to public and synagogue library reference collections.  – Barbara M. Bibel, Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter, February/March 2005

There is much wisdom to be found in this book. – The Andie Newman Book Page, Manna, The Voice of Living Judaism, Winter 2005

The book . . . is like having your grandmother's wisdom tucked in your back pocket.  -- Managing Editor Irish Ruth Pastor, The American Israelite (Cincinnati), July 29, 2004

If you're preparing a speech for to give in front of a local Hadassah group, this book will provide plenty of help. -- Jewsweek,  Bradford R. Pilcher, September 2004

As a group, Jewish women have a lot to say. If you are looking for proof…The Quotable Jewish Woman delivers on all points. – The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, September 10, 2004


 It’s the kind of book you want to keep by the bedside and dip into. – Jewish Community Federation of Louisville, October 15, 2004    

The perfect filler to round out one's article, spice to heat up one's discussion, or just plain leisure reading with the tang of wisdom. – Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI), 11 April 2005

Enjoyable and well-constructed . . .  – Kathy Dodd Miner, Feminist Collections, Summer 2005

If you need inspiration, enlightenment or even a pithy quotation … [this book] is a find. — Jewish Woman

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Elaine Partnow  © 2013. Website created by Turnarte

Book Reviews

The Quotable Women, The First 5,000 Years

A quote, according to Partnow’s foreword, merits inclusion in this work only if it inspires, moves, delights, and/or reveals. This revision does that with exuberance and bounty… -- Jennifer Prince, School Library Journal, February 2011

Although it is designed as a serious reference work, The Quotable Woman is also an enjoyable title for readers to browse. Recommended: all libraries; all levels. – J.M. Pier-Burton, Choice, March 2011, vol. 48, no. 07

As one of the best organized and most carefully documented quotation collections currently available in print, this title is recommended for all reference collections. – Carolyn Mulac, Booklist, January 2, 2011

This edition is an update of a classic reference work…. The quotations are interesting and thoughtfully chosen; the women quoted are delightfully varied…. A recommended purchase. – Denise Johnson, Library Journal, December 2010

Earlier editions

Anyone who spends any time on the World Wide Web will appreciate the ‘vast quarry’ imagery and the ‘pious work of salvage’*--and organization--that Partnow's books provide....What makes Partnow's works especially appealing as reference works is that she provides source information for every single one of the 19,000 quotations, which are from 3,657 women.

-- Feminist Collections (v.22, nos.  3-4, Spring/Summer 2001), (* from Melancholy Objects, On Photography by Susan Sontag, 1977)

In her eclectic selection of quotatons, Partnow aims to ‘inspire, move, delight, and reveal,' a goal met on every page. -- L.A. Pander, Bowdoin College, Choice, September 2001

A treasure trove of both familiar and unexpected quotations on nearly every subject imaginable. -- Book News, 1 May 2001

...the latest edition is the biggest and best. As carefully organized and thoroughly researched as one could ask for from a quotation book, this one provides, unlike many others, the title of the work from which the quotation is drawn...In summary, this book sets the standard for quotation books of any kind. - Booklist, 2001

 ...will provide students with a range of citations to enjoy and/or add spark to their assignments. - School Library Journal

 The fifth edition of The Quotable Woman maintains the quality of its predecessors. It has grown substantially in size and coverage, with contributors numbering over 3,600...In her eclectic selection of quotations, Partnow aims to inspire, move, delight, and reveal, a goal met on every page. This fine work is highly recommended for all libraries. - Choice

No other source approaches its representation. -- Bookviews

An excellent book...more than a reference, it's a reading experience as well....A necessity in every standard reference collection. -- The Los Angeles Times

A book to dip into and enjoy -- Working Woman

Weighty is a literal word for this volume, but it is a tribute also to the substantial worth of The Quotable Woman...Miss Partnow's excellent collection will be of value to men as well...   -- The Wall Street Journal

Deserves a place alongside your Bartlett.  -- John Barkham Reviews

The strength of this reference tool lies mainly in its depth...The Quotable Woman should be very useful and welcome to many libraries.   -- Booklist

Those who have searched the standard quotation dictionaries for sayings of notable women will greet this work with enthusiasm...A helpful source for speakers and writers and an important and necessary addition to any collection of quotation dictionaries.  -- Choice

No other source approaches its representation... -- Library Journal

This remains the only definitive quotation book of its kind, and its reference value is enhanced greatly by the addition of the nationality and occupation indexes. Recommended for most libraries.   -- Library Journal  

 A unique reference book...These quotations give a real sense of voices too little listened to or even heard before.  This excellent tool...should be in every public and high school library.  -- The Bookwoman

Highly Recommended  -- Reference Quarterly

Through their chronological order, the quotations tell the history of women both mighty and humble...   -- Wilson Library Bulletin

What Barlett's missed. -- The Boston Globe

The Female Dramatist

...a delight. The writing is accessible--clear and concise...a welcome addition in high school, public, and academic libraries. - Booklist

Useful primarily for general readers or lower level undergraduates, this biographical dictionary is well written and interesting... - Choice

It is marvelous to see so many creative and influential women gathered in one spot...fills an empty niche for biographical material on women dramatists and is recommended for both public and academic libraries. - American Reference Books Annual

Recommended for public and academic libraries. - Library Journal