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The Little Book of the Spirit

In times of trouble, and even when things are going well, we can all benefit from an encouraging word or hopeful advice. Optimistic words of wisdom from people who have themselves risen to positions of prominence are often all it takes to remind us of life’s simple joys–and the possibility of triumphing over its challenges. In these pages, hundreds of uplifting observations designed to inspire, motive, and comfort readers are presented. Drawn from the insights of humorists, politicians, Olympians, Nobel Prize winners, and other notables, this compilation culls the thoughts of an international array of incredible men and women noted for their positive contributions to the world.

The Quotable Woman,

The First 5,000 Years

The 6th edition of The Quotable Woman was released in 2010. The first edition was published in 1978. With each revision, this classic collection of quotations has grown–in size, diversity, and depth. It now contains almost 20,000 quotations from over 5,000 women hailing from 167 nations. An inclusive work, it embraces women of color and women from non-English speaking nations, women in the humanities, the sciences, politics, sports and business. There are 4 indexes: 1) Biographical, 2) Subject, 3) Nationality & Ethnicity, and 4) Profession or Occupation.  

This book is a treasure trove of both familiar and unexpected quotations on nearly every subject imaginable. The work has become a classic.

“Sets the standard for quotation books of any kind.”– Booklist

The Quotable Jewish Woman

Wisdom, Inspiration & Humor from the Mind & Heart

The definitive collection of ideas, reflections, humor, and wit by Jewish women. Partnow brings together the voices of over 300 women–including women of the Bible, actors, poets, humorists, scientists, and literary and political figures–whose ideas, activism, service, talent, and labor have touch the world. From winners of Nobel Prizes and Oscars to lesser known but equally remarkable women from many countries and backgrounds, this book is an inspirational gateway to the thoughts and lives of Jewish women, both contemporary and ancient.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to

Great Quotes for All Occasions

You’re no idiot, of course. You under-stand how important it is to choose the right words when addressing an audience. Even the most savvy speakers and writers can find themselves speechless–and in need of a little inspiration. These pages feature profound, wise, and witty phrases from history’s most vocal figures.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to

Your True Age

Judith Partnow Hyman, Ph.D., co-author

You’re no idiot, of course. You know that chronological age is just a number. Some people look and feel younger than they are, while others seem to age beyond their years. But you can’t put your finger on the factors that make the difference…and you wonder where you stand on the age spectrum. The truth will set you free!

Take the easy quizzes in this book and get the full picture–physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and more. Then discover strategies for raising or lowering aspects of your age to improve your overall well-being.

Speaking With Power,

Poise & Ease

Susan Partnow, co-author

Do you tend to avoid speaking in public? Or are you a seasoned speaker looking for ways to polish and rejuvenate your skills? Whatever your current level of expertise, here’s your chance to cultivate a more powerful speaking voice, master the art of fielding questions, and learn to think on your feet. Here you’ll find strategies for any occasion, from intimate gatherings around the dining table to school-board meetings, church functions, graduation ceremonies and work-related assemblies. Unlike most books on speaking, which focus strictly on the business world, this one is designed to maximize the abilities you already have, whether the improvement you seek is purely private or necessary for a successful career.

Macmillan Biographical Encyclopedia of

Photographic Artists & Innovators

Turner Browne, co-author

From its beginnings as an experimental hobby in the early 1800s, photography has evolved into an unparalleled medium of artistic expression and factual communication. Thousands of artists and innovators have contributed to its development–technically, artistically, and professionally–as photographer, inventor, critic, historian, museum direction, gallery owner, or print collector. This is the first–and only–comprehensive who’s who ever written for this field. This collection is an unprecedented and unique reference book that is a must for the serious devotee of photography, whether professional or amateur. “An indispensible reference work…” – Beaumont Newhall

The Female Dramatist

With Lesley A. Hyatt

For centuries, women playwrights around the world have challenged audiences, readers, and critics to embrace visions and voices quite different from those of their better-known male counterparts. Female dramatists throughout time have struggled against those who would suppress, ignore, and patronize them, to give life to their words and ideas and take their place upon the world stage.

This is one of the first major works to collectively place in the spotlight these women from across continents and time. More than 200 entries offer concise biographical sketches that detail each writer’s personal and professional history and provide selected synopses and literary insights into her work. Eaach profile also includes a list of the writer’s works and a list of works about the writer; a supplemental index covers an additional 150 female playwrights.